Thursday, 11 June 2009

Roulette is never any fun without a gun :

After wearing some very uncomfy boots to university the other day, I found myself in the situation of having to buy another pair of shoes, as I couldn't walk any further. Yes, I am a broke ass student and I should have trudged the extra bit to Primarni, to buy the cheapest pair to see me home, but that wouldn't have been ethical, or correct, would it? Therefore I simply had to buy these beauties... even if they were £60. I'll get more wear from them, after all?
As you can tell I am a pro in shoe justification. Anyway, I thought they were very Stella/ChloƩ-esque, which can never be a bad thing. I love, love, love my new beauties.

Roulette Lace Up Heels : TopShop : £60.00

P.S they look better on, than in this photo from the TopShop website. I'll add a photo soon.



  1. I've just stumbled upon your blog, and, being a shoe addict myself, I wanted to let you know that I really like it!

    I totally know the feeling of "having" to buy a pair of shoes because what you're wearing is giving you blisters; last time I did that was this Monday ;)

    - L

  2. ahh thankyou! it means a lot to know that you like what i blog about...
    what girl doesn't like shoes eh?!

  3. I;m so happy that you have blog dedicated to shoes!! I love shoes!

    fashion on edge