Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Paris, couture & mega heels, I'm in heaven :

Tommy Ton is my hero. His attention to detail and passion for photography makes his Fashion Week shots enthralling, he picks out the most beautifully dressed fashionistas. Shooting for at Paris' Couture Fashion Week, he's making me swoon already...

It is impossible to go wrong with black heels, they are the epitome of the classic stilletto and allow you to get away with so much more creative designs without being overtly crazy. The heart heels in the first picture... I need say no more. I love the mix of roughened, worn leather and patent black and wood perfection on the boots, and for the last pair, how glamorous and ultra-flattering. I absolutely love a beautifully thought about stilletto with stacked platform (and I need the height!)
One day I hope my shoe collection will look similar to that of Jak & Jil's archives...

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

I adore you part deux :

Update - the only place I could find a large(ish) image of the shoes was on Stella's US store, so a little print-screening and Paint later, voila. I'm a size 5 (38) incase anyone's feeling overly generous today..?

Stella McCartney,Heels,Black,Zip,Faux Suede


I adore you :

I can't seem to find any decent sized photos of these cute little zip booties, made with faux suede by the one and only Stella McCartney. Anyone who knows anything about me will know that she is my idol, and thinking about it I love this entire outfit from the Cruise 2010 collection.