Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Major Shoe Envy :

Literally, on one night out, I had serious shoe envy of three girls... this is bad! Fabulously high street (I love it when I can kinda afford them!) here they are :

(clockwise from top left)

'Slice' Zip Up Peep Toe Shoe : £65.00

'Razzle' Cut-Out Shoe : £60.00

'Kanise' Oversized Platform : £110.00

'Lolly' Lace-Up Sandal : £60.00

p.s. Thanks Kirsten for the shoe envy on the Kanise platforms, why aren't you my size?

Friday, 20 February 2009

Fringing Booties

For my bloglover friend Let.Them.Eat.Kate, here are the fringing Louboutins that you will love.


Shoe envy : Gucci 'Rampling'


SS09 Shoe Show

The new net-a-porter shoe guide, for SS09 covers all the trends you need to know : I do love Natalie Massenet.


No Pain, No Gain.

It's official : nycjuicebox = shoe addict. British weather and the downhill trek to my university mean I have stopped utilising all those gorgeous heels in my wardrobe. Which also means I have stopped buying them... So to re-ignite my love for ridiculously high heels, I am going to document all those shoes that I can't afford, here, on my shoe blog. Enjoy!